About us!

Coastcasas&Remigijus» is a Baltic company, situated in Cabo Roig, in the province of Alicante, Costa Blanca. We work at the market of real estate more then 10 years and therefore we can offer the professional help in a choice of the place for the house of your dream. We offer the rent or purchase service to our clients in the region Costa Blanca. Rent according to many experts, is fine «tool» for receiving profit.
Undoubtedly, all these factors only confirm that Spain, being one of the attractive countries on a standard of living in Europe and with fine weather conditions, is a very good place for investment of your money and business ideas.
We have many interesting offers on property sale on the southern coast of the region Costa Blanca, in any pleasant place and any price category, however we don’t refuse also to clients who wish to acquire real estate at the favorable prices in northern part of the coast Costa Blanca.
Why choose us?

With us you will be able to receive:
• complete control of process of acquisition or rent by our employees, and we will provide at your service the best lawyers in case of need;
• lack of any unpleasant red tape with papers for the client;
• high-quality services from true professionals;
• wide choice and fine opportunities for investment;
• convenient service and not less convenient conditions of selection of real estate on your taste;
• the favorable prices of new buildings and other types of real estate on the solar coast Costa Blanca.

Cooperating with us you will be able to forget about all problems and unpleasant situations which will be able to arise during purchase of real estate abroad!


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